Sunday, January 18, 2015

Allison is doing really really well. She is still in the Grand Blanc area and she gets along with her companion nicely. All the families of the missionaries have been asked not to share personal stories, because people from the stake read them, and might get offended. But there are a few stories that she has shared with us that I've deemed pretty okay.

"So on Tuesday, we had back to back appointments all day and it was so great, none of them fell through. But by the end of the day Sister Rene and I were just wiped out, we were so loopy. Our last appointment was dinner with the member in our complex and we were so out of it the whole time we were there. Everything made us laugh. At one point, the member brought out her scriptures and Sister Rene goes "Boom. Roasted." And I was just laughing so hard. At one point Sister Rene thought the sound of the ceiling fan was a thunder storm and then she was like crying when it was just the fan and then I was laughing because she was laugh/crying. It was a great time. And then the best part of the whole night: we walk up to our apartment and I turn around so Sister Rene can unlock the door, so I turn around and sister Rene is pointing the car remote at the front door. And she was so serious, she really really thought the button was going to unlock the door. So I just lost it and was like on the ground in the hallway and she didn't even realize what was going on until I was on the ground and then she was laughing and fell to the ground. It was such a great time."

I'll also post some pictures she's sent to us.....if I can figure out how. 

Oh! Also. Her email is and her address is 
11301 Grand Oak Dr #10 Grand Blanc MI 48439

She really likes getting letters