Sunday, January 18, 2015

Allison is doing really really well. She is still in the Grand Blanc area and she gets along with her companion nicely. All the families of the missionaries have been asked not to share personal stories, because people from the stake read them, and might get offended. But there are a few stories that she has shared with us that I've deemed pretty okay.

"So on Tuesday, we had back to back appointments all day and it was so great, none of them fell through. But by the end of the day Sister Rene and I were just wiped out, we were so loopy. Our last appointment was dinner with the member in our complex and we were so out of it the whole time we were there. Everything made us laugh. At one point, the member brought out her scriptures and Sister Rene goes "Boom. Roasted." And I was just laughing so hard. At one point Sister Rene thought the sound of the ceiling fan was a thunder storm and then she was like crying when it was just the fan and then I was laughing because she was laugh/crying. It was a great time. And then the best part of the whole night: we walk up to our apartment and I turn around so Sister Rene can unlock the door, so I turn around and sister Rene is pointing the car remote at the front door. And she was so serious, she really really thought the button was going to unlock the door. So I just lost it and was like on the ground in the hallway and she didn't even realize what was going on until I was on the ground and then she was laughing and fell to the ground. It was such a great time."

I'll also post some pictures she's sent to us.....if I can figure out how. 

Oh! Also. Her email is and her address is 
11301 Grand Oak Dr #10 Grand Blanc MI 48439

She really likes getting letters

Saturday, December 27, 2014

This is Heidi! I am going to be updating Allison's Blog for her while she's gone! Sorry I haven't posted yet, but the holidays had me busy! We dropped her off on the 12th of December. It was sad because we'll miss her, but also happy because she is going to serve the lord. We are so proud of her! I don't have a whole lot of time tonight, so I'm just going to share a few snippets of some emails we've received. They're not in order, or from the same email, so it jumps around a little. 

"My companions are so nice. Sister Catch  is going home tomorrow and Sister Card has been in the mission for about 8 months. I really was hoping I would be assigned to work with Sister Card in this area after transfers but it is sadly not the case :( In about an hour I"ll be dropped off in the mission home to meet all the other new missionaries (17 Elders) and do like studying and interviews and whatnot. Then since I'm the only new sister I get to go back and spend one more night with my current companions so that's pretty happy"

"Today I tried to tell a member who fed us lunch that you said I was going to get some "Street cred" in the Detroit Mission and she was like "What's 'street cred?'" and I was like uhhhhh how the heck am I supposed to explain the slang term "street cred?" I just couldn't. I was just like "I have no idea how to explain it. But it's funny I swear, I you understand what street cred is it's funny." It was suuuuuper awkward."

"My first few days have been so great. My companions think I'm like some sort of missionary prodigy because I actually talk in lessons and at door approaches, plus apparently I ask really good questions :) so that's good. It's really hard not to be like "Yeah I know I'm a pretty great missionary," because I'm know I'm supposed to be, like, humble but that's really hard when there's two people telling you how great you are. I'll figure it out. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Things are startin' to get crazy!!!

CHRISTIAN'S HOME!!! On Tuesday, December 2nd, my oldest brother Christian returned home from his 25-months full time mission which was served in Peru and then Ecuador.

He has so many crazy stories and has such a great knowledge of the gospel that I'm so excited to get. And-  suprise suprise!- He's engaged!! My brother proposed to Emily, who has waited for him, on Thursday morning (even though they already had a date picked out and had planned the wedding). They are to be married in the San Diego Temple on January 31st.


So now that the excited of last week is over, it's time for me to pack up and finish preparing to enter the mission field in the Michigan Detroit Mission.
I have been participating in a pilot online skype MTC program with 99 other new missionaries with brother Cuadra who has been teaching me from Provo. We have a few lessons left to go over in Preach My Gospel and will finish Wednesday the 10th.

I will be set apart as a full-time missionary on Thursday night and my mother will be my first companion until my parents drop me off at the Detroit Mission office at 10am on Friday.

Like I said, Heidi will be keep up my blog while I'm off. She'll do her best to post in a timely manner so everyone can keep up and know what's going on in the mission and receive updates concerning my mission call that I will receive after two transfers in the Detroit mission.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Out of the Norm

Alrighty then! 

I guess it's time to share the unusual news! 

On Friday I discovered that I have been called to serve a two-transfer mini mission in the Michigan Detroit Mission. Before you have to ask, yes this is the mission right next to the one I and my family are currently living in. The circumstances of the call are a bit odd, as I will not go through the MTC or attend the Temple before my mini mission. 

After two transfers I will then receive my actual mission call to a place that's not an hour and a half away. :) I will then attend the Temple to take out my endowments and go to the MTC. 

Trust in the Lord!!

Although these are strange circumstances, I am confident that Heavenly Father wants me in the Detroit area for a very specific reason. So I will go where he wants me to go and do what he asks me to do. 

The Michigan Detroit Mission (outlined in blue)
*I live just north of East Lansing

I report to the Michigan Detroit Mission office on December 15th (about a week and a half after my brother gets home). My parents and siblings are not allowed to contact me other than through mail and weekly email, like any other mission. 

This will be an interesting and difficult challenge, but I'll hit it head on as fast as I can so I can make this a most positive experience. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Introduction and waiting


I'm Allison and I'm a future missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. :)
Although I've done everything in my power to rush it, I have not yet received my call. I guess Heavenly Father has a time for everything and He knows when the right time is for me to receive my call.
It should be here any day now and I will post it here as soon as I get it! :)

While I am away (to wherever the heck I get sent) my sister, Heidi, will be posting to my blog for me.
She's a lot better than me at keeping up on this kind of stuff anyways, so it'll probably be more organized when she takes over. :) 

Just a little background

My father served a mission in the Chile, Concepcion Mission 1989-1991
My older brother was called to serve in the Lima, Peru North Mission in 2012, but because of some sketchy circumstances he was transferred to the Quito, Ecuador mission where he has been serving as Assistant to the President. He will return home December 2nd, 2014. (6 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!)
My boyfriend is leaving to serve in the Stockholm, Sweden Mission January 7, 2015.

Since both my dad and brother went Spanish-speaking, I would LOVE to learn Spanish as well. But really anywhere sunny is where I hope to be! 

My top choices (if I could choose) would be
Puerto Rico

I can't wait to go home and check the mail today!! :)