Saturday, December 27, 2014

This is Heidi! I am going to be updating Allison's Blog for her while she's gone! Sorry I haven't posted yet, but the holidays had me busy! We dropped her off on the 12th of December. It was sad because we'll miss her, but also happy because she is going to serve the lord. We are so proud of her! I don't have a whole lot of time tonight, so I'm just going to share a few snippets of some emails we've received. They're not in order, or from the same email, so it jumps around a little. 

"My companions are so nice. Sister Catch  is going home tomorrow and Sister Card has been in the mission for about 8 months. I really was hoping I would be assigned to work with Sister Card in this area after transfers but it is sadly not the case :( In about an hour I"ll be dropped off in the mission home to meet all the other new missionaries (17 Elders) and do like studying and interviews and whatnot. Then since I'm the only new sister I get to go back and spend one more night with my current companions so that's pretty happy"

"Today I tried to tell a member who fed us lunch that you said I was going to get some "Street cred" in the Detroit Mission and she was like "What's 'street cred?'" and I was like uhhhhh how the heck am I supposed to explain the slang term "street cred?" I just couldn't. I was just like "I have no idea how to explain it. But it's funny I swear, I you understand what street cred is it's funny." It was suuuuuper awkward."

"My first few days have been so great. My companions think I'm like some sort of missionary prodigy because I actually talk in lessons and at door approaches, plus apparently I ask really good questions :) so that's good. It's really hard not to be like "Yeah I know I'm a pretty great missionary," because I'm know I'm supposed to be, like, humble but that's really hard when there's two people telling you how great you are. I'll figure it out. 

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