Monday, October 27, 2014

Out of the Norm

Alrighty then! 

I guess it's time to share the unusual news! 

On Friday I discovered that I have been called to serve a two-transfer mini mission in the Michigan Detroit Mission. Before you have to ask, yes this is the mission right next to the one I and my family are currently living in. The circumstances of the call are a bit odd, as I will not go through the MTC or attend the Temple before my mini mission. 

After two transfers I will then receive my actual mission call to a place that's not an hour and a half away. :) I will then attend the Temple to take out my endowments and go to the MTC. 

Trust in the Lord!!

Although these are strange circumstances, I am confident that Heavenly Father wants me in the Detroit area for a very specific reason. So I will go where he wants me to go and do what he asks me to do. 

The Michigan Detroit Mission (outlined in blue)
*I live just north of East Lansing

I report to the Michigan Detroit Mission office on December 15th (about a week and a half after my brother gets home). My parents and siblings are not allowed to contact me other than through mail and weekly email, like any other mission. 

This will be an interesting and difficult challenge, but I'll hit it head on as fast as I can so I can make this a most positive experience. :)

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